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For your convenience, we have included some suggested copy for you here. However,  we find that emails to your list are most effective when you add some personal details and heartfelt sentiment that speaks directly to your audience. After all, you know your audience best!

You may consider adding a personal story about hormone or health struggles or your experience working with Mariza. Please feel free to take bits and pieces of this copy that you like and add it to some of your own!

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Join my friend Dr. Mariza Snyder and 29 experts for 5 days of FREE hormone-balancing information during this amazing online event and get cutting-edge information on how to naturally balance hormones with Essential Oils! Sign up now! ​[AFFILIATE URL]

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  1. Whether you are already using Essential Oils and ready to unlock the power of hormone balancing or are new to Essential Oils and ready to explore effective, natural solutions, during the Essential Oil Hormone Summit you’ll learn TOP insider secrets.

Secrets like how essential oil blends that help the thyroid function normally, how to detox excess estrogen and cortisol by optimizing liver function, recipes for exhaustion and cravings and which oils work the best for menopause and brain health! And, it’s FREE! Sign up here! [AFFILIATE URL]

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  1. If you want information to confidently use essential oils when it comes to hormones…this Summit has EVERYTHING you need! The Essential Oil Hormone Summit has 29 of the top doTERRA leaders sharing their top secrets on how to balance hormones using essential oils. I promise, you don’t want to miss this! Sign up here: [AFFILIATE URL]

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  1. Between googling every symptom and the laundry list of questions you already have for your doctor, it’s not easy to find the information we need to use Essential Oils effectively. We deserve natural solutions for our hormones!

That is why The Essential Oil Hormone Summit is a must! Experts who have seen these solutions WORK. Discover what these experts KNOW about how you can alleviate common hormonal challenges like cravings, brain fog, anxiety, mood swings and debilitating fatigue.

You’ll also get solutions for common challenges like hot flashes, challenging periods and alleviating chronic stress  — all with Essential Oils! Sign up now!  [AFFILIATE URL]

Twitter Posts

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  1. doTERRA Essential Oils + top doTERRA leaders + hormone talk = Becoming the CEO of your health! @drmariza. Sound good? It is! [AFFILIATE URL]

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Learn how u can create a huge shift in your hormones with essential oils! @drmariza ​[AFFILIATE URL]

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Join my friend @drmariza and 29 experts for 5 days of FREE hormone-balancing information during this amazing online event. Get cutting-edge information on balancing hormones naturally with Essential Oils!  [AFFILIATE URL]

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Hi First Name,

What I’m about to share with you can change your life for the better.

On October 22nd, my good friend Dr. Mariza Snyder is launching The Essential Oil Hormone Summit <LINK>. This is the first time in history you’ll find 29 dōTERRA leaders in one place talking about the hottest topic in the Essential Oil world: hormones.

You WANT to hear this. Why?

Where else can you learn everything there is to know about:

  • How to navigate menopause symptoms naturally (hot flashes, fatigue, mood swings, inability to sleep…)
  • How to regulate mood, energy and brain fog — completely chemical free…
  • Naturally reducing chronic stress and chronic anxiety — both at home and on the go…

There is so much information going to be covered on the summit. But the number one thing you should know is this summit has the power to radically change your relationship to your hormones by changing your relationship to the #1 thing that throws hormones out of whack: STRESS.  

I know firsthand how stress can affect your hormones… (insert personal story or omit completely)

If you have ever felt exhausted or stressed and wondered if your hormones are playing a role, this summit will give you everything you need to change that — FOR GOOD.

The dōTERRA leaders, authors and speakers who’ve come together for this summit are experts who’ve seen first hand how Essential Oils can shift the way our hormones function. They’ve even developed their own blends and recommendations (which they’ll share with you) to improve things like:

  • Thyroid function
  • Sugar cravings
  • Estrogen detoxification
  • Overall hormonal balance
  • Menopause symptoms (my specialty)
  • And more…

If you’ve wanted to unlock the power of essential oils for yourself, your friends, your family, or your customers, this summit is an incredible next step for you.

You can register here.

This can’t-miss-event will be available for F-R-E-E during the week of Oct. 21-25. But after that, it will be $57 to listen to all the classes any time, anywhere. So jump in now while there’s no cost.

I can’t wait to share these incredible insider secrets with you, First Name.

Your Sign Off

P.S. When you decide to purchase all of the summit interviews, a portion of your purchase will be shared with Days For Girls and other non-profit organizations through dōTERRA’s Healing Hands.

Email copy 2

The Essential Oil Hormone Summit will begin soon! Have you registered yet, First Name?  

In this summit, you’ll meet incredible dōTERRA leaders who will share insider secrets about hormones and self-care like…

  • Dana Moore: Learn her secret blend for taking the edge off anxiety so you can stay present and focused.
  • Elena Brower: Hear her share the TRUTH about her self-care practices OFF the yoga mat.
  • Kim Camuso: Understand true emotional healing with essential oil techniques.  
  • Betsy Holmes: Learn how to nurture fatigued adrenal glands with a special blend and deep self-care.
  • Dr. Mariza Snyder: Learn how to reset your hormones to lose weight naturally.

Not only that — but you’ll also be given an expert’s point of view on the relationship between stress and hormones. You’ll also learn rituals, blends and recipes that will help lower stress for you, your family and your customers.

Whether you already know and love Essential Oils or you’re just getting to know them, I invite you to register now for The Essential Oil Hormone Summit. It’s the best way to learn all there is to know about how Essential Oils can help balance hormones when it comes to things like…

  • Detoxing excess estrogen from your liver
  • Supporting your liver and digestion to remove harmful toxins from your body
  • Balancing mood swings and anxiety
  • And so much more…

But the #1 reason you should come? The enemy of hormonal balance is STRESS. And we live in a culture that breeds stress in every interaction. In fact, we find ourselves stressed from the moment we wake up until we close our eyes again each night.

During this summit, you’ll learn ways to lower your stress with Essential Oils so you can balance your hormones naturally.

If you haven’t already, sign up now while it’s still F-R-E-E, First Name.

Because once the summit is over, these classes will only be available for purchase.

Excited to share these insider secrets with you,

Your Sign Off

P.S. If you haven’t yet — check out the incredible line up of interviews. This once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn from dōTERRA’s best when it comes to hormones is available in one place during the Essential Oil Hormone Summit. And during that week, it’s completely complementary.

>> Register Free Here

Email copy 3

Last chance to get it for F-R-E-E, First Name. The Essential Oil Hormone Summit   starts tomorrow and will feature top dōTERRA speakers, leaders and experts who are sharing their best practices for hormonal balance and self-care.


  • Dr. Zia Nix: Discover her Essential Oil blends and massage techniques to optimize breast health.
  • Brianne Hovey: Learn why “busy” doesn’t mean building and how to serious self-care creates breakthrough business results.
  • Dr. Melissa Esguerra: Learn to support your thyroid and gut with powerful protocols
  • Jessica Moultrie: Essential Oils for pain and inflammation so you can maintain an active lifestyle — no matter what’s going on with your joints or muscles.

You won’t be able to find this information anywhere else on the internet. What they’ll share are techniques, blends and recipes they’ve seen work with their customers, clients, and dōTERRA team.

For the first time EVER, they’ve been brought together in ONE PLACE so you can become the expert when it comes to Essential Oils and hormones in your life.

>> Register Free Here

Whether you want to share this information with you friends, family or clients…

Whether you’re leading a team or a movement…

Whether you simply want to get to sleep at night or give yourself a total transformation…

The Essential Oil Hormone Summit will help you clarify what you can do to safely, easily and naturally bring your hormones into balance — no matter your stage of life.

Sign up now while all interviews are complementary, First Name. You don’t want to miss this incredible opportunity that begins tomorrow!

Once the summit is over, you can keep all of the interviews for $57. Further, your purchase will benefit Days for Girls and other non-profits through dōTERRA’s Healing Hands.

So, are you in?

Your Sign Off

P.S. If you’ve already signed up and know a woman who would LOVE a breakthrough with her hormones, please share the Essential Oil Hormone Summit with her. It might be everything she’s been searching for — and more. 

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