Day 2 Summit Talks

DAY 2 – October 23rd

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Dr. Mariza Snyder

Reset Your Hormones to Lose Weight Naturally

In this interview, Dr. Mariza Snyder uncovers the #1 hormone involved in hormone-driven weight resistance and shares her secrets about how to reset your hormones to lose weight naturally.

Cherie Burton

Stay Motivated to Create Vibrant Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Cherie Burton shares the power to make the changes necessary to take control of your mental well-being, which already exist inside of you, and explains how to tap into them.

Dr. Zia Nix

Breast Health With A Focus On Taoist Breast Massage

Dr. Zia Nix shares her advice on how to create a life of healthy self-love practices and learn to accept ourselves, and our bodies as they are.

Ange Peters

Expanding Your Life-Force

Ange Peters provides ideas on how to get centered and create a life-force of flow, getting attuned to our authentic self, and the reasons why self-care should be a daily practice.

Melyna Harrison

Overcome Addictions with Natural Solutions and Essential Oils

Addiction can inhibit your ability to live life to the fullest, and Melyna Harrison shares how to help people escape this ever present addictive cycle through the use of essential oils.

Rebecca Hintze

Using Essential Oils for Managing Mood and Depression

Rebecca Hintze shares how it’s possible to regain your mental health and get your life back through natural solutions, like essential oils, gut health and nutritional foundation.

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