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Ange Peters

Expanding Your Life-Force

Ange Peters provides ideas on how to get centered and create a life-force of flow, getting attuned to our authentic self, and the reasons why self-care should be a daily practice.

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Betsy Holmes

Getting to the Roots of Self Care: Mental, Emotional, and Physical

In this interview with double diamond doTERRA leader Betsy Holmes, we discuss what sustainable self-care really means and how to get started yourself.

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Brianne Hovey

Self-Care Mastery

Brianne Hovey shares some of the actions you can take now to recognize your limiting beliefs for what they are and start your journey towards self-care.

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Bridgit Danner

How to Detox Your Hormones

Bridgit Danner shares how by doing one or two little toxic reducing tweaks, you can make little changes that really add up and remove the toxins from your life.

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Cherie Burton

Stay Motivated to Create Vibrant Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Cherie Burton shares how the power to make the changes necessary to take control of your mental well-being already lie inside of you, and explains how to tap into them.

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Corinna Barrus

Overcome Anxiousness with Essential Oils


Corinna Barrus shares how essential oils can help combat anxious feelings, how to be efficient with your oils, and the emotional connections behind different scents.

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Dana Moore 

Stop Trying to Be Superwoman

Dana Moore shares the ways that you can find simplicity in daily life and natural ways to make healthy choices easy.

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Danielle Daniel

How to Overcome Stress Related Mental Health Effects On the Brain

Danielle Daniel shares how to overcome stress-related mental health effects on the brain using essential oils.

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Dr. Marissa Heisel

Boost Your Libido with Hormonal Balance

Dr. Marissa Heisel explains how to get Getting your hormones back in balance using lifestyle adjustments and essential oils so that you reclaim your sensual self.

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Dr. Mariza Snyder

Reset Your Hormones to Lose Weight Naturally

In this interview, Dr. Mariza Snyder takes her turn in the interviewee chair and shares her secrets about how to reset your hormones to lose weight naturally.

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Dr. Melissa Esguerra

Healing Your Thyroid and Gut With Essential Oils

Dr. Melissa Esguerra shares how essential oils can work to improve your thyroid health naturally.

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Dr. Robin Fawcett

Create Ease And Grace During Menopause

By focusing on the cyclical nature of what it means to be a woman, Dr. Fawcett busts through thetaboo and confusion around menopause.

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Dr. Zia Nix

Breast Health With A Focus On Taoist Breast Massage

Dr. Zia Nix shares her advice on how to create a life of healthy self-love practices and learn to accept ourselves, and our bodies as they are.

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Elena Brower

Getting Real About Self-Care Habits

Elena Brower shares how self-care is about getting the details of your life sorted out so that you can focus on what really fuels you as a person.

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Jen Inchiostro

Love Your Liver for Optimal Hormone Balance

Jen Inchiostro shares how taking proper care of your liver will support your whole body health.

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Jessica Iddings

How to Detox Your Skincare with Non-Toxic Solutions

Jessica Iddings shares natural solutions to skin care that are easy to make a regular practice to achieve healthy and youthful skin.

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Jessica Moultrie

Create Confidence and Happiness By Maintaining An Active Lifestyle

Jessica Moultrie shares how to maintain an active lifestyle as women and its many physical, mental, and emotional benefits.

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Kari Uetz

A Mom’s Guide to Putting Herself (almost always) First

Kari Uetz shares why showing up and caring for yourself is necessary to showing up and caring for your family.

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Kim Camuso

The Key to Emotional Healing with Essential Oils

Kim Camuso shares how using essential oils and crystals can help ensure that you live your life surrounded by things that make you feel good.

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Laura Jacobs

The Pathway to Brain and Hormone Chemistry

Laura Jacobs shares how understanding our biology is the key to taking control of our well-being.

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Li Fryling

Shattering Glass Ceilings : Using Oils to Support Powerful Transformations

Li Fryling Shares how to take control of your life and shatter the glass ceilings in your path to create a life of possibilities, not limits.

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Lisa Wilson

Support Autoimmune Disease and Step into Balanced Hormones

Lisa Wilson shares some natural health solutions that may help to treat and manage otherwise incurable autoimmune diseases.

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Mary Hyatt

Overcoming Your Body Bully

Mary Hyatt explains how to learn to listen to your body so that you can love it for for what it is.

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Melyna Harrison

Overcome Addictions with Natural Solutions and Essential Oils

Addiction can inhibit your ability to live life to the fullest, and Melyna Harrison shares how to help people escape this ever present addictive cycle through the use of essential oils.

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Nicole Moultrie

Self-Care Mastery

Nicole Moultrie shares how to manage your stress while improving your overall health.

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Rachel Loth

Overcome Sugar Cravings and Weight Challenges

Rachel Loth explains how to beat your sugar cravings so you can control your health and well-being and live your best life.

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Rebecca Hintze

Using Essential Oils for Managing Mood and Depression

Rebecca Hintze shares how it’s possible to regain your mental health and get your life back through natural solutions, like essential oils, gut health and nutritional foundation.

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Sara Janssen

Overcoming Your Belief Mindset with Essential Oils

Sara Janssen shares how it’s often the simple things in life that bring us the most joy, and how you can incorporate more of them into your own life.

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Sarah VanSteenkiste

Postpartum Support For A Thriving New Mom

Sarah VanSteenkiste shares how the postpartum rollercoaster is completely natural, and by giving yourself grace, paying attention to your body and asking for help when needed, every mom can come through the other side stronger than ever.

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